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08/26/2009 5:12pm

hey miss jennings... its kassidy krause from A2. umm i got some scrips fromt he library and got "lost in yonkers" is that ok?

08/26/2009 10:20pm

Hi Kassidy.

Lost in Yonkers is fine to read.


Karla A.
08/27/2009 4:13pm

Hey this is Karla A. from a-4 i was wondering whats a good script to read?thats short.......(cough cough)it doesn't have to be just wondering. :) thanks

Kelly Aquinas
08/29/2009 6:54pm

Hey Miss jennings, Its kelly fron A3. I couldnt go to the library this week cause my mom has pneumonia. I dont know what to do and I dont have a script...

08/31/2009 10:59am


You can download a Shakespeare script online for free if you'd like. The easiest way to go about it is to copy and paste the entire script into a word document. That way you can condense the pages and put more than one page on each piece of paper. If you don't want to print out the whole thing, you may print out a few scenes to read until your mom is feeling better. Hope this helps!


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