What you've all been waiting for is finally here!!

Arianne Buck

Jrodan Flores

Lauren Fridal

Lauren Moreau

Olivia Moyes

Emma Watts

Casey Josephson

Heidi Zaugg

Tim Shupe

Maggie Sheen

Jessie Castleton

Shea Sawyer

Maggie Rowland

Avery Pizzuto

Dessa Mulholland

Mckenzie Peterson

Shelby Allgaier

Brooklyn Jones

Xitlally Alvarez

Adam Baca

Haylee Benoit

Caroline Castleton

Macenzie Cortes

Adam Weiss

Sarah Burnham

Ben Unwin

Zachary Anderson

Carter Zeller

Miles Dayley

Parley Lambert

Tate Weiss

Joey Unwin

Bailee Miner

Morgan Gray

Drew Abbott

Rylee Marsh

Adina Casper

Naomi Melville

Courtney Rasmussen

Savannah Smart

Serena Muir

Tucker Andrus

Grace Gunther

 Markell Thomas

Brady Lindsey

Emma Elison

Parker Steadman (stage crew)

Cameron Johnson (stage crew)

Adam Walk (stage crew)


Music Man Jr. friends, here's a reminder of which cast is performing which night. 

April 25: Cast B 
April 26: Cast A
April 27: Cast B
April 29: Cast A 
May 2: Cast B 
May 3: Cast A
*** I totally got the May dates wrong the first time! It's Thursday May 2 and Friday May3****

Don't forget to look at your schedule for which nights this week and next week your cast rehearses after school. Remember these rehearsals are worth points!

I know we all are wondering where on earth the musical theatre class list is for next year. I'm sorry it's not up yet, but I can't put it up until I get the green light from the front office. I was hoping that would be during spring break, but unfortunately it wasn't. 
   I'm sorry you all have been waiting! I kn
Here it is, the moment we've all been waiting for: The Music Man Jr. cast list!!!  We haven't decided which nights you're performing, that information will come later. 

Cast A

Harold: Brady Lindsey

Marian: Quinn Griffin

Mrs. Paroo: Emma Watts

Winthrop: Casey Josephson

Mayor Shinn: Adam Baca

Eulalie Shinn (mayor’s wife/head pick-a-little): Sydney Wilkinson

Gracie Shinn (Zaneeta’s little sister): Serena Muir

Zaneeta Shinn: Kaylee Garn

Ewart Dunlop (quartet guy #1): Ben Unwin

Oliver Hix (quartet guy #2): Jordan Flores

Jacey Squires (quartet guy #3): Abbey Rogel

Olin Britt (quartet guy #4): Kaylei Lewis

Maud Dunlop (pick a little lady): Kayla Bergstrom

Alma Hix (pick a little lady): Brooklyn Jones

Mrs. Squires (pick a little lady): Shelby Allgaier

Tommy Djilas: Bryson Webb

Amaryllis: Katie Partridge

Marcellus Washburn: Tim Shupe

Ethel Tofflemier (Marcellus’s girlfriend, dances the Shipoopi): Halee Nelson

Constable Locke: Shylee Nielson

Charlie (a salesman): Ben Unwin

Conductor: Jordan Flores

Salesmen: Tim Shupe, Adam Baca, Bryson Webb


Town’s people:

Hannah Biesinger (also a Wa Tan Ye girls)

Maggie Rowland (also a Wa Tan Ye girl)

Brianna Whiting (also a Wa Tan Ye girl)

Heather Nielson (also a Wa Tan Ye girl)

Xitlally Alvarez

Markell Thomas

Members of the Boy’s Band (they’re also part of the town’s people)

Brianne Allen

Haylee Benoit

Shea Sawyer

Amber Rocque

Halle Moore


Cast B

Harold: Jordan Mulholland

Marian: Lauren Moreau

Mrs. Paroo: Maddie Brannelly

Winthrop: Dylan Sudweeks

Mayor Shinn: Josh Sheen

Eulalie Shinn (mayor’s wife and head pick a little lady): Gwen Elison

Gracie Shinn (Zaneeta’s little sister): Avery Rezzuto

Zaneeta: Lauren Fridal

Ewart Dunlop (quartet guy 1): Tucker Andrus

Oliver Hix (quartet guy 2): Derek Agbamey

Jacey Squires (quartet guy 3): Whitney Bartlett

Olin Britt (quartet guy 4): Allie Kirkham

Maud Dunlop (pick a little lady): Heidi Zaugg

Alma Hix (pick a little lady): Mckenzie Peterson

Mrs. Squires (pick a little lady): Samantha Smith

Tommy Djilas: Hunter Rasmussen

Amaryllis: Jaden Cardona

Marcellus Washburn: Adam Weiss

Ethel Trofflemeir (Marcellus’s girlfriend , dances Shipoopi): Jessie Castleton

Constable Locke: Waverly Giles

Conductor: Derek Agbamey

Charlie (a salesman): Tucker Andrus


Adam Weiss

Hunter Rasmussen

Josh Sheen

Town’s People

Taelor Florek (also a Wa Tan Ye girl)

Dessa Muholland (also a Wa Tan Ye girl)

Sarah Burnham (also a Wa Tan Ye girl)

Olivia Moyes (also a Wa Tan ye girl)

Isa Enriquez

Anna Toney

Aubrey Voeks

Boy’s Band members (also part of the town’s people) 

Bethie Rowland

Rylee Marshall

Arianne Buck

Grace Garner

Mikell Heendeniya

Kaitlyn Smith


October 19th, 2012


It's here finally! The cast list for I Never Saw Another Butterfly!
     Thanks to everyone who auditioned. Everyone was so good, which made this really difficult to cast!

Raja: Quinn
Father: Jordan M. 
Mother: Waverly
Vera: Jazmine
Pavel: Hunter
Erika: Shea
Irena: Abby
Renka: Emi
Irca: Kayla
Honza: Hyrum 
Rabbi: Graeme
Child 1: Jaden, Hannah, Maddie
Child 2: Kaylee, Sydnie, Brady
Child 3: Dessa, Gwen, Bowen
Child 4: Kyra, Savannah, Jordan F. 
    Note: The children's lines will be split up between those three people. 

People in Terezin and representations of those who died: The rest of the class. 

Thanks again everyone. I can't wait to move forward with this project!
This is another reminder to pay your full amount to Ms. Spice! Do so by tomorrow! Also, remember, you can't have an I or an F and come with us. You got a progress report yesterday, try and make those grades right before next Tuesday.
**Remember: Your full payment is due!! You need to pay the full $175 to Ms. Spice in the financial office THIS WEEK (the sooner the better) or you can't come to Shakespeare competition. There are only 10 days to Cedar City**

Rehearsal Schedule:
Monday--Ensemble 3-5pm
Tuesday--All scenes and monologues 3-6pm
Wednesday--Monologues 1, 2, 3 3-5:15pm
Thursday--Scene 1 and 2 3-5pm
Friday--Ensemble 3-6pm

This is our last real week of rehearsals, we need everyone to make this happen!

Hey guys, remember that there's no Shakespeare rehearsal today (Monday) because Miss Cotten has to go to her class tonight.
Here's the rest of the week's schedule:

Tuesday 3-4:30 (scene 2 first scene 1 second)
Wednesday 3-4;30 (scene 1 first, scene 2 second)
Thursday  3-5:15 (3-3:45 monologue 3, 3:45-4:30 monologue 1, 4:30-5:15 monologue 2)
Friday 3-6 (3-4 monologue 1, 4-5 monologue 2, 5-6 monologue 3)
Saturday 9-noon ensemble rehearsal
We're getting closer and closer! Cedar City or bust!

Remember, no Shakespeare rehearsal Saturday (today) or Monday September 17. 
Here's a reminder of this week's rehearsal schedule
Monday 3-5pm ensemble scene
Tuesday 3:00-3:45 Monologue 3
               3:45-4:30 Monologue 1
               4:30-5:15 Monologue 2
Wednesday 3:00-3:45 Scene 1
                     3:45-4:30 Scene 2
Thursday 3:00-3:45 Scene 2
                 3:45-4:30 Scene 1
Friday 3:00-4:00 Monologue 1
            4:00-5:00 Monologue 2
             5:00-6:00 Monologue 3
Saturday (if we work well on Monday, we wo