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Jennaka C.
08/21/2009 5:22pm

so is the disclosure document on this website? Jennaka B2

08/23/2009 11:42am

Yes. Click on Documents and you should be able to find it there!


Jennifer Thomas
08/24/2009 2:43pm

Hannah Thomas, 7th grade B4 student missed on Friday the 21st. She has fractured her right hand and finger. She was having x-rays and an examination on Friday. She missed any assigned homework on Friday and needs to be informed of the assignment(s). She also is in a soft type cast for a week or so and is unable to use her right hand. She may need assistance in class with any writing assignment. We will help her at home.

I appreciate your patience with her. Next week the doctor will determine the course of action to take with her injury and she will be able to better manuever her right hand.

Thank you,
Jennifer Thomas

08/26/2009 10:24pm


Thanks for the update. I'll do what I can to accommodate her until she's well again. I'm sorry she had a rough weekend! Please check under the "What Did I Miss" section for any missing work or assignments. Let me know if you still have any questions!

Ms. Jennings

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